Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Jorge Norgaard is a freelance Character Designer, 3D Artist, and Sculptor. He pursued his passion towards art in 2007 where he began working in the advertising industry as an Illustrator. After gaining experience in entertainment, his love for sculpting drew him to Ironhead Studios where he contributed to the production of specialty suits for X-Men: Apocalypse. His passion for the medium lead him to teaching traditional and digital sculpture. He now teaches at Art Center College of Design and Cinema Makeup School. Jorge's currently a Concept Designer in the film and collectibles industry.


Neko Films - Los Angeles, CA.

Character Designer - January 2017 - February 2017

• Designed 4 stylized characters and props for an animated series for Netflix. 

• Started from early sketching and development phase to finalized production assets including action poses for each character. 

ArtCenter College of Design - Los Angeles, CA.

Teacher Assistant - May 2014 - Present

• Beginner Zbrush and Advanced Zbrush for Production / Instructor : Paul Gaboury.

• 3D Maquette / Instructors: Miles Teves and Martin Astles. 

• Creative Perspective / Instructor: Robert Hunt.

Indie Pop - Los Angeles, CA.

Storyboard / Layout Artist - February 2016 - Present

• Work on developing storyboards and highly detailed drawings focused on storytelling for KSHMR music records, social media and special events including Coachella. 

• Assist on producing 2D content for the future records of KSHMR.

KSHMR Youtube channel:

University of California - Irvine, CA.

 Character Artist - February 2016 - March 2016

• Worked directly with the Art Director and Concept Artist translating 2D character designs to 3D models for an educational video game currently in production. 

• Modeled with intricate details and specified design language and poly-painted them to finish using the 3D modeling program Zbrush. 

• Worked in a team based environment with the programmer and rigger passing assets along the animation pipeline.

Ironhead Studio - Van Nuys, CA.

 Intern: Concept Designer, Manufacturing Assistant and Sculptor - May 2015 - July 2015

• Worked directly in the manufacturing process for the creation of specialty costumes for the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse.  

• Worked on a team-based environment with the studio's employees.

• Worked with Jose Fernandez designing vehicles for an in-house sci-fi movie project.

• Sketched ideations to final design, materials and lighting, creating high end visual assets. Including orthographic views.

• Worked with members of the team generating practical, problem-solving solutions meeting design and function purposes. 

Art Bronze Inc. - Burbank, CA.

Designer and Sculptor - March 2013 - July 2014 

• Produced 3 pieces for the Burns Marshall bronze sculpture collection.

• Generated the series of sculptures with a consistent style and theme.

• Worked on a team-based environment with the client; ideation, sketch and final design.

• Learned and applied molding processes such as constructing mold, applying silicone and mold release.

Watto Post Studio - Caracas, Venezuela. 

Illustrator and Concept Designer - October 2010 - January 2012

• Created digital assets, characters, environment and props for interface
design, film, and TV broadcast ads. for clients like Pepsi, Golden, YukiPak, 
Cebion, and Empresas Polar.

• Generated the visual development and production design of a couple of iOs games.

• Contributed with ideas to create rich story based characters, 
props and layouts for environments.


Art Center College of Design - Pasadena, CA. 

BS - Entertainment Design

January 2012 -  April 2016

Instituto de Diseño de Caracas - Caracas, Venezuela.

Illustration - Technician

September 2007 - September 2010